Vanguard… systems thinking for service organisations
Vanguard helps organisations change from command and control to a systems approach to the design and management of work. Read more about this distinction.

The consequences are improved service to customers, at lower costs and improved morale.

Vanguard has pioneered the translation of Taiichi Ohno's ideas behind the Toyota Production System for service organisations. Service is different to manufacturing. In simple terms there is inherently greater variety in customer demand, hence the need to design to absorb that variety. We recommend that service organisations avoid the 'tools' developed for 'lean manufacturing' as they don't apply well in service organisations.

Vanguard has a unique approach to consulting. The Vanguard Method transfers expertise to people (managers and staff) in the organisation. Vanguard uses sensei to apply the Method, people who are experts in both intervention theory (how you make a change) and systems theory (how to analyse and design work). Vanguard senseis are experts in the 'what': how a systems design improves performance and the 'how': how to make this change.

If you want fast and sustainable change, get help from the experts. Vanguard has unique knowledge and expertise from being the leaders in this field.

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